The Gypsy Chicken


IMG_3693roosterIMG_3695 RoosterThe chickens you may see roaming around the parking lot of the Winn-Dixie in Big Pine Key and on the streets of Key West originate from Cuba. In the mid 1800’s chickens were big business in Cuba. Originally brought there from Spain, it was bred with other European breeds for aggressiveness and to fight. This new breed was called Cubalaya. In the 1860’s disheartened Cubans came to Key West and brought their chickens and their love for cockfighting with them. By 1890, half the chickens in Key West were of Cuban origin.

When cockfighting became illegal in the 1970’s, the chickens were let loose. Domestic chickens were being let loose also, and the result was the Gypsy Chicken.

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