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Photo by Sabine Vandenhende


Photo by Sabine Vandenhende

Possessed and obsessed am I, ruled by the power of the winds

and the rising and declining of the sun sea and moon.

As my camera lens seeks out the fires in the sky
the elements of nature transform into one
as I become It and It becomes me
the land sea and me.
I feel the peace, and this too shall pass, I know
but for the moment
as I stand in my rubber booties
camera in hand
in the middle of a magnificent salt marsh
on my way to a remote island beach
Roseate Spoonbills looking at me knowingly,
Flocks of Ibises swooshing above me  in the morning light
There is Peace.
Fawns following does and bucks abound
however fleetingly…..
This is the magic of  Big Pine Key.
Nourishment for the soul!!