The Everglades


Annona ghabra, aka the Pond apple, the Alligator apple (named so cause the gators like to eat them), the Swamp apple, the Monkey-apple, Corkwood, or Bobwood. Found in Florida, Africa, and South America. Although it looks like a forbidden fruit, it is edible for humans too, if you want to fight the gators for it. Look how it hangs so temptingly above the murky swamp where the reptiles flourish.


This immature Anhinga was at the nest site of the photos I shot this February/March. It must be one of the babies and was the only one left. There was no sign of the many nests that dotted the trees, probably wiped away by the wind and rain.


Although it is rare that I have seen a Great Blue in Big Pine Key, the glades were abundant with these 46″ endangered birds.





IMG_1821Great Blue


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