The End of Antler Season and the Man who Feeds the Deer

IMG_2707  reize

IMG_2595 resizeWhen the man arrived home the Key Deer RAN to him as if they were his pet dogs. They waited for him outside his house, all eleven of them, mostly males. When I told the man that feeding the deer kills them, he denied doing so, even though he was holding a bag of food in his arm.  I use this as an opportunity to photograph the herd.  As you can see they are waiting IMG_2644resizepatiently for him to return.

The antlers on the males are drying up and falling off. New ones will grow stronger and larger, in time for the rutting season.

UPDATE: The man claims he is only feeding the birds and when the food falls to the ground the deer eat it.  Nevertheless, he is still feeding the deer  (4/5).


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