Key Deer Bucks in Velvet


The velvet on the antlers is beginning to peel off.  Soon it will appear shredded and bloody as it disintegrates. The bucks use hard surfaces to rub it off, similar to the way they rubbed their last set of antlers off. They were having a massive licking get together .




It is difficult to imagine that these small, sweet-looking, licking, loving males will be fighting to the death if necessary for a chance to mate with one of the herds does in just a few months.



The antlers look like they are cumbersome and a pain in the neck or head. It’s like having long fingernails or toenails cut only once a year.


The mosquitos and flies bite the deer and are just as annoying to them as they are to us (see nose). Lying in the shade gives some respite from the insects and the sun.

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