Key Deer


The doe lies down and goes to sleep after having a salt snack from my leg.


I was sitting on a bench and this doe  befriended me.  I remained still as she approached close enough to lick my entire left leg, just as she was doing to the doe in the first picture. She approached even closer and decided my camera was not lickable and went for the salt on the other leg. Sometimes it is difficult to keep in mind that they are  wild animals whom have teeth and I was concerned that she might  give me a playful love bite.  I spoke to her and raised my hand in a gesture she recognized as defensive and backed off and lay down in front of me.


Young buck in velvet.



This fawn is the same one I have photographed before, and she is not as friendly as some others I have encountered. She still has a strong flight response and ran when she saw my bicycle although the mother remained calm. Notice how sleek her face is becoming as she grows.





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