A Herd of Key Deer

IMG_3348 deer

IMG_3265antlerIMG_3288deerIMG_3312deerIMG_3283deerThe antlers in this herd of 14 are in different stages. Some have already fallen off. One deer was ┬árubbing his stack against a wood stump, trying to release it (photo#3). Another male is in the process of growing a new set and the velvet covering the growth is visible (photo#8). The more I get the opportunity to witness their behaviors in such a large group, the more I see that Key Deer are very loving animals towards each other. One buck was hanging his head very low and staring intensely at me (last photo) and although I know that they are usually friendly and harmless, I would not turn my back towards him as he looked as if he were in the “get ready to charge” position.IMG_3264deerIMG_3296 A Look of LoveIMG_3334deer

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